Darvit! It’s a very painful experience. I don’t know what triggered it, prolly the heat. I looked for an antibiotic to relieve the pain but to no avail, I just decided to put an icebag in my lower ab; my Lola taught me this before along with putting salt in my navel. That I didn’t buy. Lol.
I stayed in the bathroom for more than 40 minutes. I took a bath again but it’s still painful. I thought of masturbating to divert my attention but on second thought, it won’t do much. I texted Mom, she replied drink a lot of water and try to ignore. But it’s so painful to ignore. Eventually, the pain subside.
I know this is nothing compared to what others might be feeling and I may be exaggerating but I tell you — that experience ruined my afternoon.
I googled for the English term for balisawsaw and I got urinary incontenence. I also searched for a quick remedy and got buko juice, lots of water and washing with warm water (this is for women) — no medical basis though; I’ll just ask our doctor.
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    i always wanted to write. i want to voice out my opinion on issues that interest me. i wanna chit-chat about tv series i'm hooked and music in my playlist. i want to talk about math and politics; culture and literature. i want to share my story and be relevant. and with this labyrinth as a medium, i'm making myself vulnerable by letting you in to my life. it's up to you to depict it. you may see it differently. you may be lost. but in this maze, there is only one way out and i hope you find it.