adDEXtion : Bowling - The IT Way
Bowling has always been our team’s sport. Some of us are competitive and some are just having fun (just like me) trying to hit the pins — with any possible posture you can imagine. Lol.
2GO Express IT Cup
But whether you’re consistent with your strikes or still hitting the canal once in a while, what matters is you improve through time, develop your own style and learn something from your colleagues and your own experience.
have some balls

Well, you can actually forget about being competitive and just have fun, but it’s better if you acquire both. After all, what’s really important is the bonding time, the laughs, more laughs and the experience. And oh, the bacon and egg too. :)
official meal
I’m so looking forward to having an average score of 160 per game and I’m still wishing for a turkey! Dream on Dex.
Random Fact : I took bowling as one of my P.E. in college but I didn’t appreciate it back then. I only remember 2 things on that subject: 1. Make sure your shoes is not wet when you go to the ramp because the instructor will scold you to death. 2. I was privilege to have the student regent then as a partner but not quite happy because she’s frequently absent.
DEXtination : POTIPOT (04.17.2010 - 04.18.2010)
It’s a relatively small island just perfect for relaxation and quality time alone, with friends or family. It’s obscenely beautiful and serene especially when we arrived just before sunrise. The water is very clear (and salty but that’s expected) and the off-white sand is just fine. There are rocky parts but not too much.
before sunrise

relaxing view
clear sea and fine sand
nice jump shot

that's our boat
It became quite crowded in the afternoon but we still had our privacy and managed to do the activities we prepared without being interrupted. There are no island-specific activities here just like in other commercialized island in the country; there are resorts nearby that offer jetski but that’s it. You just have to be creative on how you will spend your time here.
Well, aside from the inadequate and untidy comfort rooms in the island, we didn’t have any bv experience here. :)

we had fun!
All things considered, we had fun. We enjoyed the view, the place, the company, and the experience.
DEXnote : E-Pop
why all of a sudden everyone started to care (read: why all of a sudden Earth Day became pop)

earth hour
it’s Earth Day today!
the world has been celebrating Earth Day for like forever now but it’s just these past years that we actually noticed and participated. the drought, landslides, and flood we experienced must’ve contributed a lot in our awareness of the effects of climate change. or maybe it’s the medium being used to promote that made people participate.
well, i have nothing against Earth Day being popular. and i have nothing against using pop culture to communicate and reach out. it’s actually a bright idea to immerse such cause to people’s preoccupied world to get their attention. most of the time, it works! and it’s a good thing because we are now starting to care. i’m just worried that some are participating for the wrong reasons, for selfish reasons. like how ‘cool’ it is to be part of such significant act. darvit! those people who use this event to be ‘in’, to be ‘pop’. 
anyway, i hope our concern to mother Earth is genuine and that we’re actually doing something to save her. i hope that this will not stop in just wearing green or blue or by watching an environment-related documentary. while these activities are good to promote and inform, what matters is the act that we do to contribute in actually saving our environment. and it’s not just for a day, it’s incorporating these acts in our lifestyle.
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