DEXtination : POTIPOT (04.17.2010 - 04.18.2010)
It’s a relatively small island just perfect for relaxation and quality time alone, with friends or family. It’s obscenely beautiful and serene especially when we arrived just before sunrise. The water is very clear (and salty but that’s expected) and the off-white sand is just fine. There are rocky parts but not too much.
before sunrise

relaxing view
clear sea and fine sand
nice jump shot

that's our boat
It became quite crowded in the afternoon but we still had our privacy and managed to do the activities we prepared without being interrupted. There are no island-specific activities here just like in other commercialized island in the country; there are resorts nearby that offer jetski but that’s it. You just have to be creative on how you will spend your time here.
Well, aside from the inadequate and untidy comfort rooms in the island, we didn’t have any bv experience here. :)

we had fun!
All things considered, we had fun. We enjoyed the view, the place, the company, and the experience.
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