DEXNote: Plant a tree, write a book, have a son and then some (my long overdue year-end post)
2011 is here (you're 11 days late Dex!) and before I lay down my plans for it, I think it is but imperative to recap 2010 (because whoever said don't ever look back is missing a lot, lol) and assess my accomplishments and failures the previous year, and check where am I now with my life-goals.

The first half of 2010 was not so exciting (personally, but  politically it was because we just had the first automated election and a new leader after more or less a decade) Reading my mid-year post saddens me; I still remember how I was so frustrated and disappointed with myself mostly for the things that's not happening. It felt like I am just existing and not living (whoah! sometimes I get emotional you know, lol) But the second half was a blast! So, I can say that generally 2010 was better than 2009. No, better is an understatement. It actually kicked 2009's ass! How about that?

Dear Prudence

For the record, 2010 was my most spendful (if there's such a word) year. Blame HSBC for granting my request for a highfalutin credit limit when they offered me a second card without the hassle of submitting any documents and cajoled it more by increasing it after six months. Lol. Of course, I'm the one to blame for my financial immaturity - for abusing the reward yourself once in a while to relieve stress advice and for pretending to not know the difference of wants and needs. But hey, I didn't regret acquiring the things I bought, the travels, the pampering time, the debts loaned (ok, I regret some) and whatnots. What I regret was  not questioning the rationale for a major purchase and not having much self-control .
  • DEXpicable Me

    DEXpicable Me
    i always wanted to write. i want to voice out my opinion on issues that interest me. i wanna chit-chat about tv series i'm hooked and music in my playlist. i want to talk about math and politics; culture and literature. i want to share my story and be relevant. and with this labyrinth as a medium, i'm making myself vulnerable by letting you in to my life. it's up to you to depict it. you may see it differently. you may be lost. but in this maze, there is only one way out and i hope you find it.