DEXNote: Plant a tree, write a book, have a son and then some (my long overdue year-end post)
2011 is here (you're 11 days late Dex!) and before I lay down my plans for it, I think it is but imperative to recap 2010 (because whoever said don't ever look back is missing a lot, lol) and assess my accomplishments and failures the previous year, and check where am I now with my life-goals.

The first half of 2010 was not so exciting (personally, but  politically it was because we just had the first automated election and a new leader after more or less a decade) Reading my mid-year post saddens me; I still remember how I was so frustrated and disappointed with myself mostly for the things that's not happening. It felt like I am just existing and not living (whoah! sometimes I get emotional you know, lol) But the second half was a blast! So, I can say that generally 2010 was better than 2009. No, better is an understatement. It actually kicked 2009's ass! How about that?

Dear Prudence

For the record, 2010 was my most spendful (if there's such a word) year. Blame HSBC for granting my request for a highfalutin credit limit when they offered me a second card without the hassle of submitting any documents and cajoled it more by increasing it after six months. Lol. Of course, I'm the one to blame for my financial immaturity - for abusing the reward yourself once in a while to relieve stress advice and for pretending to not know the difference of wants and needs. But hey, I didn't regret acquiring the things I bought, the travels, the pampering time, the debts loaned (ok, I regret some) and whatnots. What I regret was  not questioning the rationale for a major purchase and not having much self-control .
Oh well, I hope know better now. So before I purchase that major thing I have on mind (hello high-end laptop), I want to clear all my debts first, have a savings enough to support me (and my obligations) for three months if I lose my job, and pursue Project ATR/Citisec. (Hmmm, very tough!)

Xin Chào Việt Nam

Hello Vietnam! (September 2010)
One major thing I accomplished this year was getting myself a passport. And the best way to celebrate this accomplishment is to use it. Haha. So, having a first-time trip out of the country, I guess, you'll agree with me choosing my trip to Vietnam as the highlight of my year (this can be topped by finally having a significant other but unfortunately for me).

the fairy stream (September 2010)
There's not much adjustment for me because the weather and environment in Vietnam is similar to our country. As described by Roch (my friend who accompanied me in this trip), the ambiance is just like Cebu, the people are laid back and their culture is preserved.

white sand dunes (September 2010)
If you go to Vietnam, don't miss the Fairy Stream and White sand dunes in Mui Ne - I tell you they're best spots!

Vietnamese Pho
spring rolls

Don't also miss their Pho, baguette and spring rolls dipped into the best ever fish sauce I've tasted.

Before, I only wanted to go to other country even just once. But this experience made me realize that there's so much to see and explore that's why I'm hoping to have another out of the country trip for 2011.

+10 experience points

Sky walk! (November 2010)
This year I've done things I've never tried before like snorkeling (I had a failed attempt in 2004), sky-walking, riding a cable car (not in an amusement park), getting a turkey in bowling, carry a python in my shoulder and some other activities which may be superficial but for a moment or so surprised me.

scared much (November 2010)
I should  surprise myself more the coming year.

Historical Wonders

moments with Bachengcheng @ Chocolate Hills (November 2010)
It's always nice to visit places you've only read in books, featured in magazines or hailed as a wonder -- and it's always been part of my goals to go to those destinations. In 2010, I've been to some - Magellan's Cross, Chocolate Hills, and Potipot. I've also tried the Loboc River dinner cruise and finally saw a tarsier. Thanks to my officemates for inviting me to those trips.

Magellan's Cross (November 2010)
we love Potipot (April 2010)
For 2011, I plan of not going too far - just explore more of Laguna, my hometown. I want to revisit Pagsanjan Falls, the 7 Lakes of San Pablo, and Villa Escudero. I also want to discover a hidden wonder of my province. Hmmm...

Pursuit of Happyness

I celebrated my 27th birthday with my family (mother side) in a resort in Pansol (err, I forgot the name). It was actually a very late celebration - my birthday is March 24 and it happened on the last weekend of April, my cousins managed to convince me to celebrate with them. :)

nephews & nieces (err, to be replaced since this was not taken on my b-day's celeb)
Anyway, nothing fancy or special with the place and food but I was just so happy seeing my nephews, nieces, cousins, aunts, uncles, some friends - my family  together; having fun in the pool, making fun of each other's voice in the videoke, having serious and not so serious conversations over a shot of vodka or beer.

I want this to be a family tradition.

Have some Balls

have some balls
As part of my life-long journey to lose weight (haha), it's on my list to have activities that'll make me sweat and burn those unwanted fats. It's also a way to divert my time from doing unproductive mundane things, if you know what I mean. Lol. So anyway, I'm so thankful to have a supportive manager and teammates that we come up with a regular badminton and a once in a while bowling game. I also tried jogging around CCP every Tuesday and Thursday night but I can't recall when and why I stopped.

Even though I didn't lose weight (even gained some), I'm still looking forward to more sweaty activities. This time I'll take losing weight seriously. After all, I'm not getting any younger. (cliche Dex!)

I want to join a 10k run so I should be preparing for it.

tryinghardtobeawriter's Block

I always wanted to write. I tried to respond to this urge by joining the student's paper in college but I dunno, I just don't have much creative juices to produce articles every other week on top of my acads plus  I get so much writer's block, that's why I left after a couple of months or so. So anyway, why am I sharing this? Because I'm glad that I started blogging in 2010 - first in tumblr and now here. I'm still having a hard time composing and I still ran out of ideas -- but I'm not pressuring myself. Soon, I'll get use to this.

Also, to widen my vocabulary and imagination, it was my resolution to read at least 12 books in 2010 (originally at least a book per month but I modified because I missed to read last March or April, haha) I'm proud that I was successful with this one (with cheats because I counted graphic novels) I still have this resolution but this time it's to read all unread books that I have plus to finally read the HP series before the last installment of the movie gets shown.

Save the cheerleader

Earth Hour (March 2010)
The universe was generally good to me last year and to give back, I've done my part by joining activities/events with a cause - not to be considered philanthropic and not sufficient to save the world but enough to at least share a smile. I'm thankful to be employed in a company that supports these causes. I hope that the new management have the same thrust.

Earth Day = Community clean up day (April 2010)
10.10.10 Run for Pasig River (October 2010)
tree planting at Makban geothermal plant (October 2010)
Christmas Party @ Bethany Orphanage (December 2010, c/o JGC, Chyng Reyes)

More of these this 2011.

I also had a load of bad things and low moments last year but I'd rather not include it here. Like what I always tell myself, good memories will be cherished and lessons learned from the bad ones will never be forgotten. 2010 may not be that legen---dary! but definitely, it's awesome possum!

Thanks 2010! Let's rock n' roll 2011! \m/

credits to Jos Mart for the "Plant a tree, write a book and have a son" quote; for the 2010 typography; to Kate for the Potipot, havesomeballs, and earth hour pics; to Nicole for the Clean-up day, 10.10.10, and tree planting pics
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    Yay! I'm glad I've finished this before January ends. Haha.

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    This is nice ...Congrats Dex ... Im so proud of you ... :-)


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    Wow! Congrats dex! Nakakatuwa naman! :) Sama ako sa pag explore ng Laguna ha! Isang tumbling lang yan sa amin! Hahaha!

  4. Really nice year-end post. Lots of adventures and activities. I wonder how this year will turn out to be.

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