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Cebu is like the ultimate destination for me in the Philippines (as well as Davao) because of its richness in history and culture (based on Civic and Culture subject in elementary, lol). So when my officemates asked me last February if I wanted to join their trip on November, without hesitation I said yes. :)

Here's the itinerary receipt. Btw, we were 14 in this trip (originally 16; FIELD TRIP daw accdg to Nicole). My officemates only booked 2 with check-in baggage and the rest goLite. I suggest that if you're goin in a trip, just book with check-in baggage especially on the way back so you'll have room for pasalubongs; besides it'll only cost you a hundred compared to four hundred if you decide there and then.

itinerary receipt

We arrived at Mactan International Airport at around 9:15 am, just on time. There were some who offered van to bring us to our hotel but we refused. We have a companion who's been to Cebu before and knows how it'll cost us if we ride a metered taxi instead.

We then grouped ourselves and rode a taxi going to Verbena Capitol Suites; it only costs us 77pesos. :)

Verbena is just a 2-star hotel so it's pretty cheap but decent and clean (we got the barkada package which costs us only 340/day/pax which includes brakfast). In addition, it's also near Robinson's Place and Crown Regency. :)

Since check-in time is not until 2pm, we decided to leave our things in the hotel and have lunch. We decided to have it at CnT Lechon (we're supposed to have dinner here but since we're already starving and it's just near the hotel).

CnT Lechon!

CnT Lechon is tasty, tender and juicy. It's good without sauce. I expected more based on reviews and hearsay, but I'm pretty much satisfied. (CnT is the inital of the owner/s) 

tasty  + tender + juicy = yum! :)

After lunch, we went to the famous Philippine Taoist Temple (famous because all the people I told that I;m going to Cebu that been there told me to go here). The temple is located in Beverly Hills Subdivision which is around 20-30 minutes from the city.

welcome to the Philippine Taoist Temple

err! I don't have a pic of the temple facade; I only got this.

prayers? wishes? requests?

We were reminded not to take pictures inside the altar. I wanted to go inside and meditate the Taoist way but I don't know how. I might do something inappropriate that's why I decided not to.

not for anything but this reminded me of Avatars prior Aang

The Taoist temple in general is a perfect place to pray, meditate, and reflect. It also has a nice view of the city.

After 30 minutes or so, we headed to the historical Magellan's Cross. I was surprised that it's just a small structure (I really thought it's big), but I'm still glad that I visited it.

Magellan's cross
the historical ceiling

There were locals selling candles, I even saw some dancing.

A couple of blocks way is the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu. 

Colegio Santo Niño

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu

balloons anyone

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu's history

After we offered prayers, observed and took some photos, we rode a jeep going to our next destination - the Cebu cathedral.

Cebu Cathedral
The church is set for a wedding when we went there so we just spent around 15 minutes there. We're supposed to go to the heritage museum but just decided to go back to Verbena to rest.

The temples and churches we visited this day made me in touch with my faith more. :)

(Hey, this day didn't end with that. Later in the evening, we went to Crown Regency Hotel and tried the Sky Walk and Edge Coaster. All that and more in the next post. ^_^ )
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