DEXnote : MY 20-0-9

It started fresh because of the new job with the new company. I’ve been idle for the first three months but been overwhelmed with bugs and tickets when our project was implemented last July. Thanks to my team for the support and for filling the part where I couldn’t perform. There have been days I drag myself to work but that force is not enough to break my thrust. I’m still enjoying my job and still happy with my IT family.
Java training classmates at Active Learning with Sir Gavin
This year I learned Java (or not, lol). I’ve been wanting to learn this ever since I started programming. I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend the training and to apply the learnings by supporting our system. There are so many things still to learn and I hope to add more next year.

after 15-20 minutes trekking, we reached Mt. Pinatubo crater
and it's beautiful!
after the volcanic spa
eye-level view of Taal at Balai isabel
I haven’t traveled much this year. I just tried the Zipline at Tagaytay, trek the Mt. Pinatubo, puked at Taal and planted trees at the Marikina Watershed. I hope to travel more often this 2010 and hopefully be out of the country one of these days. I should be preparing my passport for this.

IT family at Balai Isabel
let's plant trees
tree planting at Marikina watershed
New friends were added to my list this year. Aside from my new officemates, I found friends with my new housemates and their friends. I hope these friendships last. I’ve also reunited with my HS friends just recently. I attended the 20th Anniv of our org. I’ve bonded with my Korean students/friends. I just wish I attended our HS reunion but due to unexpected circumstances, I wasn’t able to. I wish to build and rekindle more friendships this 2010. Also, I think I’m ready to fall in love again this coming year.

2009 was full of miseries/tragedies - the spread of A(H1N1) virus, deaths of prominent personalities, SuperFerry9 mishap, typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, and the gruesome Maguindanao massacre. These tragedies brought pain and sorrow to our people and to our nation but these also taught us to be strong, to be united and to have faith in God. May these happenings taught us to be more caring to our environment, to be more assertive to our rights and to be more vigilant to our government, especially with the upcoming 2010 presidential elections. I also have a share of ‘bad thing’ this year but I’d rather not talk about it because it’s more of a stupid thing for me and I don’t want to remember that anymore.

Before the year ends, Tito Bokyo died. He has been suffering from his illness since September. I remember how he was rushed to the hospital because he can’t control his shaking and he’s having a hard time breathing. It’s hard to see him like that. Our only consolation was he died peacefully. It’s a very sad Christmas for us - we’ll never be complete. Ever. But that’s life, we just need to have peace with it and move on. I just pray for the soul of Tito Bokyo and for the welfare of his family, our family.

2009 has been good/bad for me, for us. Good memories will be cherished and lessons learned from the bad ones will never be forgotten.

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