An addiction to conformity is a sure-fire symptom of impending death by mediocrity. --Joey Reyes

I remember one of my previous colleague described me as a conformist. He actually considered it as one of my good trait but I didn’t take that as a compliment. For me, a conformist is boring, a commoner, and without convictions — and I’m not boring, my ways is like no other and  I’m in denial of course. Lol. 
Come to think of it, I really obey rules and most of the time I conform to society’s norm. My taste in music may not be popular and my political views may be different but still, I listen to music and some principle guide me just like most of us. The context is still the same, we just have differences.
I don’t see anything wrong with obeying rules. Rules are put there so we’ll have some kind of order. Yeah, it’s liberating to once in a while  break rules but eventually, we’ll still go back following it. Of course, we should also evaluate if the set rules are fair and functional and think of ways on how to improve it. It’s not a rule to follow conventions, we are somehow free to create our own brand of life.
As a song goes — Take a risk. Take a chance. Make a change. Breakaway.
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    DEXpicable Me
    i always wanted to write. i want to voice out my opinion on issues that interest me. i wanna chit-chat about tv series i'm hooked and music in my playlist. i want to talk about math and politics; culture and literature. i want to share my story and be relevant. and with this labyrinth as a medium, i'm making myself vulnerable by letting you in to my life. it's up to you to depict it. you may see it differently. you may be lost. but in this maze, there is only one way out and i hope you find it.