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Today is Día del Galeón (Day of the Galleon). And to take part into the festival, a couple of officemates and I went to Manila South Harbor lunch time to see Galeon Andalucia - a replica of the 17th century vessels that sailed between Manila and Acapulco during the galleon trade.

Dia del Galeon 2010
As expected, there are many who want to see the Galeon and learn about the trade that change the world (sounds familiar, hehe). Unfortunately, when we reached the line for the registration, the officer in charge already identified the last person that can go to the galleon for the day. He said it's impossible to accommodate everyone since it will close at 4pm. My officemate tried to convince the oic to allow us since we're employees of one of the festival's sponsor. But for the spirit of fairness, he insisted he won't. We understood.

So if you're planning to go tomorrow, I suggest you go there as early as 6 or 7 am. Andalucia will be opened from 8am - 12nn and will go to its next destination after.

we settled to just have a pic with the banner. :(
We just decided to take a pic with the banner to compensate for the effort and time we spent. There, we met a man very disappointed that he can't experience Andalucia. He even unload his sentiments to us and threatened that he'll protest when he learned that our company is one of the sponsors. He said that the system is inefficient and that people should still be allowed to go since this is what was advertised. He has a point but just like him, we weren't able to see it as well. So, it's better if he raise his concern to people who can help him.

Since we're already in South Harbor and SF20 is docked, we decided to go inside and buy leche flan to comfort us for the heartbreak we just experienced. SF's leche flan (and tuna sisig) is good! :)

We're worried that the security won't allow us but it pays to be an Aboitiz employee.

hello SF20! :)

on our way up. smile girls! :)
SF20's blue print

SF20 is one of SuperFerry's new vessels, the other one is SF21. Its maiden voyage was just a couple months ago  (or so..)  You can still smell its newness inside. The interior is good, it gives passengers a hotel-like feel. And the staff are very accommodating. I haven't boarded to a ship before and I won't mind if SF20 will be my first.

SF20's reception area

very nice wallpaper

overlooking the sea
i tried to mimic Jack's titanic pose. lol.

We went to the deck and from there we had a glance of Andalucia. Yey! At least we saw it's facade. It's a pretty small ship - which explains the officer's claim that they can't accommodate everyone.

see that brown ship in my hand - that's Galeon Andalucia

So that's our attempt to see Galeon Andalucia which turned to be an SF20 tour! I still want to experience the galleon but for now I'm satisfied to see just its facade. :)
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